Saturday, 21 February 2009


Welcome to Talk About Last Night.... This will be a quiet blog that has principally been set up to replace the Guest Book for my website, About Last Night.... , which gives detailed accounts of concerts I've attended (mostly in London) or music news and forthcoming music programmes on UK telly or radio. I might add the odd music-related thoughts here rather than to my other blog, Brain Tracer, but otherwise, it's a forum for you visitors to my website to add comments about what you read or to talk about any related music thoughts you have. Have fun!


  1. I just read your review of Simon and Garfunkles Hyde Park concert 5 YEARS AGO! I still have the dodgy T-shirt I bought there that evening. Alas still no DVD it seems! What an evening, your review brought it flooding back.

  2. Thanks for your review of Roddy Frame's concert back in 2002.

    I've been a fan of Aztec Camera since 1983 but only just recently thought about looking him up on the 'Net. Just call me a nimrod. Found the YouTube links to the old Songwriter's Circle clips with him, Neil Finn & Graham Gouldman, then later found your site.

    Terrific review, it made me feel like I was there.

  3. Having seen Rufus Wainwright last night in Southampton and listening to the McGarrigles a lot since Kate's death, I came across your review of the 2004 family concert at the Festival Hall, like you it was my first live sighting of Rufus and although the whole evening was special I've never forgotten how the mesmerising it was whenever he took centre stage. Thank you for recording it in such detail.

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